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Gracie Mansion NYC

Voters periodically elect and reelect candidates for office in every county in New York State hoping (without justification) that somewhere along the way the elected officials will do something to help the voters.

There is a more direct way of getting the laws you want and need, which is through a ballot initiative, which in New York State is permitted at the lowest level of government (instead of having a costly, time-consuming statewide referendum).

This website has petitions prepared by me, for a variety of New York City laws needed by different categories of New York City voters and a form of petition to end or severely curtail the use of red-light cameras (currently permitted in 10 counties in NYS). Select the petition for the law you want the most, and multiply your effect by completing and signing the other petitions (unless objectionable to you). Voterlaws.com will encourage others to sign your most desired petition in the same way. In this way New York voters can help each other and pass the laws that our elected officials refuse to enact, and is far more effective than elections every 2 or 4 years. With Voterlaws you get what you vote for.

This is a continuing political process that seeks and needs your involvement, and the ways in which you can help out are explained in this website.

Working together, we can do anything!

Carl Person

Carl Person

Petition Power

Here is the list for our first 10 petitions.

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Affordable Loan Modifications for Under Water NYC Residential Mortgages

Student Loans Principal Reductions Student-Loan Fraud Lawsuits by NYC against Lenders

Free Technology Training for all Adults Residing in NYC and for all Public High School Seniors

Reducing Regulatory Burdens on Business and Others - Cap NYC Civil Not to Exceed 125%

Comprehensive Bill of Rights for Senior Citizens

Bill of Rights for Drivers, Owners and Licensees in the Taxicab and Limousine Industry

Bill of Rights for NYC Restaurant and Food Service Industry, including a Cap on Fines  

NYC Law for NYC to Deposit Funds Payable to NYC as Incentive for Banks to Lend

NYC Law - Enable Ballot Initiative Petitions - Executed by NYC Voters and Filed Electronically

NYC Proportional Campaign Financing and Reduced Requirements for All Candidates

To stop the use of red-light cameras in Suffolk County, New York - to ticket and fine owners of motor vehicles

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Bill of Rights for Drivers, Owners and Licensees in the Taxicab and Limousine Industry for 10 signatures

1-Year Job Training Program for All City of Hudson Residents, and Radio Advertising Suppor

City of Hudson to Provide and/or Pay for Free, Fast Broadband Services for All Hudson Residents and All Businesses

$50,000 Annual City of Hudson Business Advertising Database For Hudson Residents, Businesses and Other Entities